Ryan Millen is a professional driver, proven in off-road racing and rally. His passion for adventure and history fuel his 20+ years of racing experience and versatility. At the age of 23, Ryan began working with Toyota. Through the years, he’s driven countless Toyota vehicles to victory in nationally ranked off-road events. Ryan has recently had multiple rally victories, including Rally America’s Rookie of the Year award and 2nd place in the 2016 National 2WD Championship. He is also the current NASA Rally Sport National 2WD Champion. For Ryan Millen, speed is built into his DNA—his father is world-champion off-road racer Rod Millen and his older brother is legendary competitive drifter Rhys Millen. Coming from such a strong racing lineage, Ryan was exposed to the ins and outs of competitive racing from birth and at a young age set his sights on becoming one of the top rally racers in the world.